Wildlife Filmmaking with Teeth

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Lion and mongoose battle as seen on National Geographic. A  fierce battle between mongoose and a lion. This clip showcases incredible wildlife behaviour filmed by Robert Waldron. From the movie Chobe - Life blood of the sands and Caught in the Act.

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Wild Cheetah gets tracking collar and checkup, then is set free again

This cheetah, Spirit, was born in the wild from a successfully re-habilitatedmother, at Okonjima Game Reserve in Namibia, in conjunction with the AfriCat Foundation.

Her radio collar needed replacing, and so vets, scientists and conservationists came together to temporarily immobilise her, and give her a full medical checkup at the same time.

Working in the field, a team from Namibia, South Africa, USA, UK, Germany and Australia did all the necessary procedures, and Spirit  was set free with a clean bill of health later that day!

Elusive male leopard finally gets lured by female leopard urine

Mafana, a large male leopard in the Okonjima Game Reserve, was always eluding rangers who needed to put a collar on him.
For years they tried with no success. Then they tried luring him with
female leopard urine - wham! The next day Mafana was inside the 
box hide, and vets working with the AfriCat Foundation and the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa,could dart him and get his vital statistics, measurements, blood samples and more.
Mafana was released back into the wild shortly after having his radio collar fitted, and has been seen mating with MJ, the female leopard whose urine lured him in the first place!

Wild Leopard has Good Dental !

MJ is an amazing wild female leopard at Okonjima Game Reserve in Namibia.
She has already mothered no less than six cubs over the years, and
is always a pleasure to view on her hunts, or with a new cub.
MJ needed a new collar, and it was also noted that she had broken 
two of her canine teeth, so an expert wildlife dental team were called in, to give MJ root canal treatment and fillings, so she would be free from pain and discomfort,while out in the wild.
The AfriCat Foundation provided the facilities.
As leopards are now vulnerable throughout their range,conservation
was a priority.
MJ got a full medical while she was sedated,by another expert team.  Blood, fur and muscle samples for genetic analysis, body mass index measurements (a system for big cats, invented by Dr. Adrian Tordiffe) were taken, and lots more.
With expertly repaired teeth, and in fine health, MJ was released back into the wild  later that day, and was seen in her usual territory shortly after. Well done team, and happy hunting MJ!

De Wildt Cheetah Health Checks

We filmed the regular health checks of some of the Cheetahs at de Wildt Shingwedzi - what a thorough checkup they get, teeth, eyes, blood tests, gastroscopy, biopsies, blood pressure, dna sampling, and more - thanks to all the vets who gave their specialized skills, and thanks to De Wildt for conserving such beautiful, yet still endangered animals.

Leopard and Hyaena - enemies eating at the same table

Enemies eating at the same table. A leopard joins the hyaena for a meal while the jackal has to watch. This awkward and slightly hostile dinner date gets interrupted by the sound of lions.
Ever felt the same at a dinner?

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